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A Lion's Share


August 1, 2008—The Air Force's reserve components make up 35 percent of the Total Force, and together the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve provide a substantial share, and in some cases a predominant share, of the capability in key areas. For instance, the Air Force relies on the Air Guard for a third of its fighter and airlift forces and more than 40 percent of its tanker force. Air Force Reserve Command provides at least 30 percent of USAF airlift and 60 percent of its aeromedical evacuation capability. And, these data are by no means the entire picture. In the homeland defense mission alone, the Air Guard provides 95 percent of the nation's fighter interceptor force and 85 percent of the aerial refueling capability. AFRC covers a 100 percent of USAF weather reconnaissance missions and more than 50 percent of the aerial port capability. (For more information:  ANG Snapshot and AFRC Snapshot )