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Flying Accidents Take Heavy Toll


October 15, 2008—The Air Force Class A mishap rate is still inching up, but, more importantly, there has been a significant increase in aircraft-related deaths. This past fiscal year, the service flew fewer hours, causing the Class A rate (mishaps per 100,000 flying hours) to rise even though the total number of accidents remained the same as 2007—both had 27 Class A mishaps. However, the 27 major aircraft accidents in 2008 came at a much higher price as 13 airmen died compared to two in 2007. Even considering the six airmen who perished in the July crash of a single B-52 bomber off the coast of Guam, the number of fatalities is up, running higher than 10 years ago when the Class A rate was 1.60.

Source: USAF