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What Does China Spend?

May 31, 2007— The latest Pentagon assessment of China’s military power indicates that there is a wide gulf between the dollars that Beijing says it is spending on its military and the dollars Western defense analysts actually believe it is spending. And analysts acknowledge that they cannot pinpoint the actual amount, so offer high and low possibilities. DOD says the lack of “accounting transparency and China’s failure to comply with international standards for reporting military expenditures and funding” puts a damper on accuracy. The new assessment notes that Beijing has announced a 17.8 percent increase for its military this year, continuing annual increases that “exceed significantly growth of the overall economy.” Read what Air Force Editor in Chief Robert Dudney has to say about China's growing military might in "Moseley's Warning."

SIPRI Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
IISS International Institute for Strategic Studies
PPP Purchasing Power Parity

Source: “Annual Report to Congress: Military Power of the People’s Republic of China 2007,” Office of the Secretary of Defense