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    This is a collection of articles covering events and people from Operation Iraqi Freedom.

    Iraqi Freedom and the Air Force
    By Rebecca Grant
    The Iraq War changed the Air Force in ways large and small.

    The Last Days in Iraq
    By Amy McCullough
    The final airmen to leave Iraq found the end of the mission as memorable as the first days of Desert Storm, nearly 21 years earlier.

    Editorial: 21 Years of Iraq War
    By Adam J. Hebert
    Most airmen have never seen the Air Force not involved with Iraq.

    Call From the Desert
    By Peter Grier
    Bill Andrews was on the ground in the Iraqi desert with a broken leg, about to be captured. His warning calls saved his wingman from also getting shot down.

    Hog Heaven
    By Walter J. Boyne
    Paul Johnson led the rescue team to a downed F-14 pilot just as Iraqi forces were moving in.

    In for the Long Haul
    By Marc V. Schanz
    In Iraq, airmen see progress, but no one’s celebrating just yet. There’s too much hard work that remains.

    The Phoenix Force
    By Marc V. Schanz
    The Iraqi air arm was all but destroyed by USAF. Guess who’s bringing it back to life?

    The Airpower Surge
    By Marc V. Schanz
    In Iraq, violence is down, but airmen see that the demand for air capabilities keeps growing.

    Not Fade Away
    By Marc V. Schanz
    As the Maryland Guard showed in Iraq, the A-10C is an oldie but goodie.

    The Sandbox Sentries
    By Marc V. Schanz
    The E-3 AWACS aircraft are back in the desert, this time with new missions.

    Desert Airlift
    By David Wood
    Up against the elements and old airplanes, air and ground crews somehow manage to hold it all together.

    On Expedition, Hanging Tough
    By John A. Tirpak
    The expeditionary US Air Force has taken some shots, but so far it is standing up to the surge.

    Room With a View
    By Marc V. Schanz
    It’s just a nondescript building in a Gulf country, but, inside, you get a superb look at the war on terror.

    Safeside in the Desert
    By Rebecca Grant
    Two years ago, security forces airmen mounted a campaign that still reverberates in defense circles.

    A Complex and Changing Air War
    By Marc V. Schanz
    The top airman in Southwest Asia discusses air operations over Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The Fallujah Model
    The operation has become the benchmark for airpower in urban joint force warfare.

    By Bruce D. Callander
    In Iraq, a new type of expeditionary medic provides care around the clock.

    Airpower and "The Long War"
    By John A. Tirpak and Peter Grier
    The battle against terror is reshaping Air Force priorities.

    Operation Reachback
    By Adam J. Hebert
    In Gulf War II, US-based units sent forward 30,000 intelligence reports and spotted some 1,000 targets.

    The Long Reach of the Heavy Bombers
    By Adam J. Hebert
    Vindicated in war, USAF’s long-range systems are taking new and more effective forms.

    Eyes Wide Open
    By Rebecca Grant
    The lone Global Hawk flying above Iraq was one busy, busy bird.

    What Happened to Shock and Awe?
    By John T. Correll
    For three months, it was all the rage. Then its popularity faded fast.

    The Blended Wing Goes to War
    By John A. Tirpak
    The unique Joint STARS unit composed of active and ANG airmen was a big-time success in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

    Ambush at Najaf
    By Richard J. Newman
    Was it just poor tactics or some deeper problem that caused the failed Apache mission?

    Adventures in Bare Bones Basing
    By Adam J. Hebert
    Four days after the first Air Force officer arrived at Tallil, operations commenced.

    Saddam's Elite in the Meat Grinder
    By Rebecca Grant
    Republican Guard divisions looked pretty bold—until they got sliced and diced by coalition airpower.

    War From Afar
    By Richard J. Newman
    Important parts of Operation Iraqi Freedom were carried out by remote control.

    Hand in Glove
    By Rebecca Grant
    In Gulf War II, the Air Force and Army discovered a new “sweet spot” in combat cooperation.

    The Gulf War II Air Campaign, by the Numbers
    By Robert S. Dudney
    The US Air Force led the way in every aspect of the air effort.

    The Baghdad Strikes
    By Adam J. Hebert
    Early and late, the Air Force went downtown with swift, time-critical attacks.

    The Iraqi File
    By Richard J. Newman
    Long before they went into combat, US forces had gotten the goods on their Iraqi foe.

    Expeditionary Air Warriors
    By Adam J. Hebert
    Gulf War II reconfirmed the value of the Air Force’s new deployment concept.

    Power and Precision
    Compiled by Guy Aceto
    Operation Iraqi Freedom was an awesome demonstration of integrated air and space power.

    Verbatim Special: Gulf War II
    By John T. Correll

    By Peter Grier
    The US-Saudi marriage of convenience probably won't end in divorce, but there is plenty of tension in the house.