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    ​​This is a collection of articles covering events and people from the Korean War Era.

    The Blooding of America’s Jet Fighters
    By Jack Broughton
    The first US pilots in Korea had to learn on the job, in the toughest possible way.

    Lt. No
    By John Lowery
    In 1953, Ken Rowe, then known as No Kum-Sok, used his North Korean MiG-15 to make a daring escape to freedom.


    April 15, 1953
    By Peter Grier
    No US ground troop has been killed in an enemy aircraft attack since the Korean War.

    MiG Alley
    By John T. Correll
    The American F-86 Sabres stopped the MiG-15s—and their Russian pilots—at the Yalu.

    By Walter J. Boyne
    He came perilously close to washing out as a pilot. Then, he became one of the greatest aces of all time.

    The Guns of July 1950
    By Kenneth Moll
    North Korea went for a quick knockout, but airpower stood in the way.

    The Remembered War
    By Peter Grier
    Fifty years ago in Korea, the shooting war stopped but the Cold War had been fundamentally changed.

    Truman's War
    By Herman S. Wolk
    "We've got to stop the sons of bitches, no matter what, and that's all there is to it," he said.

    Air War Korea, 1950-53
    Edited by A. Timothy Warnock
    This extensive chronology recalls key events in the first war fought by the independent US Air Force.

    Air Force Aircraft of the Korean War
    By Walter J. Boyne
    These were the fighters, bombers, transports, and other airplanes that fought the "Forgotten War" 50 years ago.

    The Forgotten War
    By Walter J. Boyne
    Fifty years ago this month, the new US Air Force was thrust into its first armed conflict when war began in Korea.

    The Air War in Korea
    The first hot conflict in the Cold War was a turning point in the Air Force's first 50 years.

    Korean War Scrapbook
    Compiled by John T. Correll and Erica Milkovich
    These snapshots from the albums of Air Force Association members recall the era from the perspective of those who served.

    The Russians in MiG Alley
    By Steven J. Zaloga
    The nationality of the "honcho" pilots is no longer a mystery. The Soviets now admit their part in the Korean War.

    Jet War
    By Phillip Farris
    The Korean War, which saw the full emergence of jet aircraft in combat, began forty years ago this month.