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    July-August 2019
    Vol. 102, No. 07


  • Editorial: Game Changers

    What are the consequences for shooting down an unarmed drone over international waters?

  • Q&A: Specialty Officers Needed

    An exclusive interview with Lt. Gen. Brian T. Kelly, deputy chief of staff for manpower, personnel, and services.

  • How Boeing Won the T-X

    Aggressive technology, schedule, and pricing made the difference.

  • The B-2 at 30: Improving with Age

    The improbably shaped B-2 Spirit is the most recognizable aircraft in the Air Force inventory and very possibly the least understood.

  • Arlington's Southern Expansion

    With space running out, Arlington spreads out to surround the US Air Force Memorial––and to limit who can be buried on its hallowed grounds.

  • Fast-Forward with 5G

    The next generation of wireless networks is coming.

  • Huawei, Spectrum, Global Competition, and the Future of 5G

    The issue of spectrum allocation is at the heart of a struggle between the US and China over 5G that the Defense Innovation Board warns will lead to a “post-Western wireless ecosystem.”

  • The Case for Fifth-Generation and NGAD Airpower

    The case for fifth-generation fighters is built on all-aspect stealth; superior aerodynamic performance; advanced automated sensors; and the power of automated information fusion.

  • The Counter-Revolution in Military Affairs

    For the ground forces, the problem with the RMA was airpower, not technology.

  • AFA Nominees 2019-2020

    Candidates for National Office and the Board of Directors

  • Namesakes: Frank S. Scott

    The One and Only

  • Letters

    Do you have a comment about a current article in the magazine? Write to “Letters,” Air Force Mag­a­­­­­zine, 1501 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA 22209-1198 or email us at

  • Strategy & Policy

    Shake-ups at the Pentagon leave DOD with space disarray and Army-centric leadership.

  • World

    Offutt recovery; McConnell KC-46s; AFRL munition plans; and more ...

  • Faces of the Force

  • Verbatim

  • Airman for Life

    Updates on AFA’s activities, outreach, awards, and advocacy.

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