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    June 2019
    Vol. 102, No. 06

  • The 2019 Air Force Almanac presents a variety of information and statistical material about the US Air Force—its people, organization, equipment, funding, activities, bases, and heroes.

  • Editorial: A Space Force for the Future

  • Q&A: In Reserve

    An exclusive interview with Lt. Gen. Richard W. Scobee, AFRC commander.

  • USAF Almanac 2019

    A comprehensive look at the Air Force including its people, equipment, budget, weapons systems, and more.

  • Almanac: Structure, People, and Pay

    USAF command structure; numbered air forces and centers; USAF’s personnel by the numbers; breakdowns by gender, rank, region, and command; military basic pay; housing allowance; hazardous duty pay; and federal civilian pay.

  • Almanac: Insignia of the Armed Forces & Awards and Decorations

    Rank insignia for USAF, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard; Ribbons in order of precedence; devices; specialty berets.

  • Almanac: Spending

    USAF spending trends; DOD and USAF fiscal 2020 budget request; spending as a share of GDP; major procurement and RDT&E programs.

  • Almanac: Aircraft Inventory

    Total aircraft inventory; aircraft inventory trends; ICBM and satellite inventory; aircraft age; tail codes.

  • Almanac: Major Commands and Reserve Components

    Command profiles, equipment, personnel, wings, and centers.

  • Almanac: FOAs, DRUs, and Auxillary

    Brief descriptions of each.

  • Almanac: Leaders

    Principal USAF and major command leaders through the years.

  • Almanac: Historic Major Command Leaders

    A look at legacy Major Command leaders.

  • Almanac: Guide to Aces and Heroes

  • Almanac: Bases and Stations

    A guide to Active Duty, Reserve, and Air National Guard installations worldwide; locator maps for US and overseas installations and operating bases.

  • Almanac: Weapons and Platforms

    A detailed guide to the aircraft, aerial target systems, weapons systems, and satellite systems in the USAF inventory.

  • Team B Tackles the CIA

    The Pentagon and Cold War hardliners did not trust the national intelligence estimates.

  • Namesakes: W.L. Creech

  • Letters

  • Strategy & Policy

    A Czar for EW; China’s Long View; Defending Taiwan

  • Verbatim

  • World

    Tyndall and Offutt Restoration; MOH Push; F-35A Combat Debut; and more ...

  • Faces of the Force

    Know of someone we should recognize? Send nominees to

  • Airman for Life

    Talking Points: Advocacy-At-A-Glance

  • AFA Emerging Leaders

    AFA began an Emerging Leaders Program in 2013 as an avenue to secure AFA’s future.

  • ​​​​​​