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    This is a collection of articles covering events and people from Operation Noble Eagle.

    Air Sovereignty Never Sleeps
    By Marc V. Schanz
    Adm. James Winnefeld, the new NORAD and NORTHCOM boss, closely monitors what’s needed to defend North America.

    The Heavy Toll of High Optempo
    By Marc V.Schanz
    At AFA’s Orlando Symposium, senior airmen spell out what’s happening to a force constantly in motion.

    The Years of Noble Eagle
    By Otto Kreisher
    The homeland defense operation is much reduced, but it’s starting to look permanent.

    A Few Words From Tim Keating
    By Marc V. Schanz
    The commander of US Northern Command and NORAD sees the US for what it is—a theater of operations.  

    Noble Eagle Without End
    By Adam J. Hebert
    When it comes to defense of US airspace, the Air National Guard is in for the long haul.  

    Homeland Air Force
    By Adam J. Hebert
    Two years after the attacks, USAF has settled into a steady state of defense operations in the United States.  

    Total Force in a Search for Balance
    By Adam J. Hebert
    Allocation of active, Guard, and Reserve missions and forces is under scrutiny once again.  

    Black September 11
    By Adam J. Hebert
    After the attacks, USAF took a leading role in the terror war and changed the way it operates.  

    Airpower for the Long Haul
    By John A. Tirpak
    What if it becomes necessary to sustain a military operation for an extended period—like years?  

    The Return of NORAD
    By Adam J. Hebert
    Practically invisible since the Cold War, North American Aerospace Defense Command is now a daily presence over American cities.  

    The Guard and Reserve Step Up
    By James Kitfield
    The nation's security needs put new pressures on the Air Force's on-call forces.