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    ​​This is a collection of articles covering events and people from Operation Desert Storm (Iraq).

    The B-52 Gunners
    By Peter Grier
    Few know it now, but enlisted gunners protected B-52 bombers through the 1991 Gulf War.

    Desert Storm
    By Rebecca Grant
    The Air Force led the way when Kuwait was freed from its Iraqi occupiers.

    Desert Shield
    By Rebecca Grant
    Twenty years ago this month, Iraq seized Kuwait, and the US launched a buildup that led to today’s expeditionary Air Force.

    Losing Air Dominance
    By Rebecca Grant
    The Gulf War was a turning point—of a negative kind. It’s been downhill from there.

    The Strategy of Desert Storm
    By John T. Correll
    Fifteen years ago this month, the Gulf War upset prevailing assumptions about airpower and its relationship to the "AirLand Battle."

    The Great Escape
    By Rebecca Grant
    In the Gulf War’s final hours, Iraq’s Republican Guard slipped the noose and lived to fight another day.

    Desert Storm Scrapbook
    Compiled by Juliette Kelsey Chagnon
    These snapshots from the albums of Air Force Association members recall faces and places from the Gulf War.

    Schwarzkopf of Arabia
    By Rebecca Grant
    This traditional Army general was a driving force in one of the greatest air campaigns of all time.

    The Gulf War: A Chronology
    A day-by-day accounting of 1990-91 events in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

    Statistics From the Storm
    Ever since it ended, the 1991 Persian Gulf War has been the focus of intense controversy. Here are some illuminating facts about Desert Storm.

    The Epic Little Battle of Khafji
    By Rebecca Grant
    On Jan. 29, 1991, Iraq launched its only offensive of the Gulf War--and was promptly clobbered by airpower.

    What We Should Have Learned in Desert Storm, But Didn't
    By Gen. Charles A. Horner, USAF (Ret.)
    The Gulf War air boss says the Pentagon hasn't grasped the importance of long-range stealthy airpower.

    More Data From Desert Storm
    USAF has released additional information about the Persian Gulf War, which opened five years ago this month.

    Tank Plinking
    By Maj. Michael J. Bodner and Maj. William W. Bruner III
    Cockpit videotapes from Operation Night Camel in 1990 suggested a bold new tactic for the Persian Gulf War.

    To War in a Warthog
    By Alfred Price
    Forty missions over the Gulf with A-10 pilot Shanghai Sheehy.

    Tankers At the Rendezvous
    By David J. Lynch
    They've got to be there--every time. Without them, you're flying on fumes.

    Day of the Killer Scouts
    By Lt. Col. Mark A. Welsh, USAF
    It was a reprise of the old "Fast FAC" concept--but they marked their targets with 500-pound bombs.

    Responsive Air Support
    By Lt. Col. Robert E. Duncan, USAF
    Here, in CENTAF's estimation, is how General Horner made his resources work effectively in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

    Tim Bennett's War
    An F-15E flight leader describes how it was on fifty-eight combat missions in the Persian Gulf War.

    Scud War, Round Three
    By Stewart M. Powell
    The argument continues over the effectiveness of the US campaign against Saddam's terror weapon.

    The BUFF at War
    By Capt. Doug Fries, USAF
    Bombs from the B-52s shook the earth and lit the sky for miles around.

    Total Storm
    By James P. Coyne
    The Air Guard and Reserve were involved from the first hour on the first day.

    Scud War, Round Two
    By Stewart M. Powell
    Was the campaign against Saddam's missiles the "failure" and "disaster" that some critics now proclaim?

    A Strike by Stealth
    By James P. Coyne
    The F-117 pilot who dropped the first bomb recounts the opening hours of the Persian Gulf War.

    Ears of the Storm
    Robert S. Hopkins III
    The Iraqis were good, but not good enough to beat the electronic sweep of the shadowy RC-135s.

    Editorial: Airpower, One Year Later
    By John T. Correll
    The Persian Gulf War was a convincing answer for anyone still harboring an honest doubt.

    From Vietnam to Desert Storm
    By John D. Morrocco
    The people running the Persian Gulf War were those who had fought the Vietnam War, and they weren't about to repeat the mistakes.

    Lesson Number One
    By James W. Canan
    In the wake of Operation Desert Storm, no one seriously doubts that airpower is the dominant—at times, decisive—factor in modern warfare.

    Apache Attack
    By Richard Mackenzie
    The helicopters would open the war. They had to take out Iraq's early warning net, and they had to get it all.

    The Weasels at War
    By Capt. Dan Hampton, USAF
    Trained for defense suppression in Europe, they proved to be flexible and effective in the sky over Iraq.

    The Electronic Storm
    By James W. Canan
    Not long ago, they called EW "a disaster area," but, as Operation Desert Storm demonstrated, things change.

    Joint STARS Does Its Stuff
    By Peter Grier
    Six years before its official deployment date, the E-8A made a spectacular combat debut in the Gulf War.

    More Voices From the War
    By Stewart M. Powell
    Here's another helping of vignettes from the Gulf War, recounted by the troops who fought it.

    A Conversation With Chuck Horner
    By Richard Mackenzie
    The Desert Storm "air boss" describes how the campaign was planned and fought.

    Washington Watch: How to Command and Control a War
    By James W. Canan
    The Iraqis operated blind, their aircraft and radar out of action. The coalition had superb intelligence and used it with stunning effectiveness.

    Voices From the War
    By Stewart M. Powell
    These are informal vignettes from the Gulf War, recounted by the troops who fought it.

    Washington Watch: Airpower Opens the Fight
    By James W. Canan
    Put to the test of combat, the weapons and the troops performed superbly. The Gulf War is a telling repudiation of the critics' predictions.