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    This is a collection of articles covering events and people from Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan).

    Stacked Up Over Anaconda
    By Rebecca Grant
    The battle was a painful reminder of the need for close air and ground coordination.

    Tora Bora
    By Rebecca Grant
    Osama bin Laden’s trail went cold right as al Qaeda’s leadership, being pummeled by airpower, appeared to be trapped in a mountain fortress.

    The Teeth of Bulldog Bite
    By Mike Dunham
    The soldiers were pinned down, outnumbered, and out of ammo when the Air Guard pararescuemen came to get them out.

    Once More Unto the Breach
    By Amy McCullough
    SSgt. Robert Gutierrez stuck with the mission despite taking a bullet, his lung collapsing, busted eardrums, and losing more than five pints of blood.

    Enduring Freedom’s New Approach
    By Rebecca Grant
    In remote, landlocked Afghanistan, airpower linked up with special operators and the Northern Alliance to quickly drive the Taliban from power.

    To the Top of Takur Gar
    By James Kitfield
    TSgt. John Chapman earned the Air Force Cross for his heroism in the mission to recover Navy SEAL Neil Roberts.

    Boom Time in Afghanistan
    By Marc V. Schanz
    Air operations are on the rise as the Air Force disperses throughout Afghanistan to take the fight to the enemy.

    Saving Outpost Keating
    By Amy McCullough
    The soldiers at the remote Afghan outpost were outnumbered and surrounded by a heavily armed Taliban force. Airpower beat the enemy back.

    By John T. Correll
    The soldiers, pinned down on the mountain slope, would have been overrun except for the air strikes called in by combat controller Zachary Rhyner.

    The Airlifters’ War
    By David Wood
    Mobility airmen have approached their Afghanistan missions with a messianic zeal.

    Holding Fire Over Afghanistan
    By David Wood
    Airmen adapt to the McChrystal directive.

    Spooling Up in Afghanistan
    By Adam J. Hebert
    The expeditionary air war is drawing in more airmen and aircraft for the long haul.

    Enduring Airlift
    By Marc V. Schanz
    Afghanistan is a logistician’s nightmare, and air mobility is the solution.

    The Afghan Escalation
    By Rebecca Grant
    To a great extent, airpower defines the art of the possible in Afghanistan.

    The Air Legion
    By Adam J. Hebert
    USAF’s 27,000-man force in Southwest Asia is showing the value of today’s expeditionary airpower.

    Watch on Afghanistan
    By Marc V. Schanz
    Airmen at Bagram Air Base help deliver justice to the bad guys in the mountains.

    A Complex and Changing Air War
    By Marc V. Schanz
    The top airman in Southwest Asia discusses air operations over Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The Echoes of Anaconda
    By Rebecca Grant
    As a new USAF report shows, the March 2002 battle in Afghanistan taught many lessons.

    Airpower and "The Long War"
    By John A. Tirpak and Peter Grier
    The battle against terror is reshaping Air Force priorities.

    The Long Reach of the Heavy Bombers
    By Adam J. Hebert
    Vindicated in war, USAF’s long-range systems are taking new and more effective forms.

    An Air War Like No Other
    By Rebecca Grant
    Eighty percent of the time, American airmen received their targets only after they had taken off.

    By Rebecca Grant
    What happened to the idea that execution authority should be delegated to the lowest possible level?

    The Airpower of Anaconda
    By Rebecca Grant
    Strangling the enemy required more than encirclement and movement to contact; it took solid pounding from airpower, too.

    Masters of Invisibility
    By Richard J. Newman
    In Afghanistan, the work of USAF Special Operations Forces was not seen but most assuredly felt.

    Eyes of the Warrior
    Photography by Guy Aceto and Paul Kennedy
    From a tiny airfield at Indian Springs, Nev., ground-based aircrews and their aircraft prepare to play their parts in modern combat.

    The Combination That Worked
    By Peter Grier
    CENTCOM's Franks says air and space power have been pivotal in Afghanistan.

    The War Nobody Expected
    By Rebecca Grant
    The US suddenly had to fight halfway around the world, in primitive conditions and without preparation.

    The Little Predator That Could
    By Richard J. Newman
    It is not yet officially operational, but it proved itself in Afghanistan.

    Enduring Freedom
    By John A. Tirpak
    USAF's heavy bombers dominated events in Afghanistan, but the success story was much broader than that.

    Turkey Stands Forward
    By Peter Grier
    Both Asian and Islamic, Turkey has been a reliable and increasingly important US ally.

    Striking Back
    US and coalition air and ground elements press the war against Taliban and al Qaeda forces in Afghanistan.

    Verbatim Special: War on Terror
    By Robert S. Dudney
    Interesting and infamous statements about the war.

    Tankers and Lifters for a Distant War
    By Richard J. Newman
    Air Mobility Command has been the glue holding the Afghanistan operation together.

    The Winning Combination of Air and Space
    By Peter Grier
    Air Force leaders talk about Afghanistan and beyond.

    The War on Terror
    Photography by DOD photographers
    Allied military forces attack terrorists in Afghanistan.

    Verbatim Special: The War on Terror
    By Robert S. Dudney
    Interesting and infamous statements about the war.

    The War on Terror
    Photography by DOD photographers
    Operation Enduring Freedom began in earnest in early October with air strikes against terrorist and military targets and humanitarian relief airdrops in Afghanistan.