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Operation Allied Force (Kosovo)

How the Predator Grew Teeth
By Walter J. Boyne
The little UAV had an inauspicious start. Things have picked up considerably.

The Balkan Air War
By Adam J. Hebert
The European war that began 10 years ago this month was fought—and won—with airpower alone.

The Night They Saved Vega 31
By Darrel Whitcomb
The rescue of F-117 pilot Dale Zelko was a close-run thing.

Task Force Hawk
By Benjamin S. Lambeth
One problem led to another, and the Apache helicopters never flew a combat mission in Kosovo.

Wesley Clark's War
By Rebecca Grant
The campaign was in the air, but SACEUR's mind was on the ground.

This list is a collection of articles covering events and people from Operation Allied Force (Kosovo).