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Expeditionary Collection

Walking Back
By Aaron M. U. Church
EOD technician SSgt. Beau Chastain walked into a trap ... and all the way back to active duty.

Strike Eagle Rescue
By Otto Kreisher
The airmen were on the ground in Libya, somewhere between the warring loyalists and the friendly resistance.

The Short, Strange Life of PSAB
By Rebecca Grant
For seven years, Prince Sultan Air Base was USAF’s indispensable Middle Eastern hub.

With the JTACs
By James Kitfield
USAF’s joint terminal attack controllers have helped transform counterinsurgency operations.

Lessons From Libya
By John A. Tirpak
Forward basing is key, but the NATO allies are still too reliant on American airpower.

The Libya Mission
By Amy McCullough
The Air Force, technically in a supporting role, has been front and center.

Bombers Over Libya
By John A. Tirpak
A quick symphony of planning allowed USAF’s heavy bombers to strike 150 targets in Libya.

Airmen in the Hurt Locker
By Aaron Church
Air Force EOD technicians are saving US, Iraqi, and Afghan lives—but at enormous costs to themselves.

Engagement in Africa
By Stewart M. Powell
A modest airlift into Sudan marks the start of what may prove to be a new regional preoccupation.

Expeditionary—and Seriously Extended
By John A. Tirpak
The Air Expeditionary Force may not be broken, but some weak spots need patching.

Death in the Desert
By Rebecca Grant
For US airmen, the Long War with terrorists began on June 25, 1996 in a place called Khobar Towers.

The Second Sacking of Terryl Schwalier
By Rebecca Grant
The Khobar Towers commander thought he had finally received justice, but the story had an unhappy surprise ending.

Editorial: The Shadow of Khobar Towers
Robert S. Dudney
The attack cost USAF 19 airmen, a talented commander, and a principled Chief of Staff.

The Ground Warriors of Airpower
By Adam J. Hebert
The Air Force’s seven groups of “battlefield airmen” will get tougher training and more members.

The Air Commandos
By Adam J. Hebert
Air Force special operators are in heavy demand and perpetual motion around the world.

By Bruce D. Callander
In Iraq, a new type of expeditionary medic provides care around the clock.

Battlefield Airmen
By John A. Tirpak and Adam J. Hebert
At AFA’s Orlando symposium, Air Force leaders emphasized USAF’s strong focus on the war on the ground.

The War Before the War
By Suzann Chapman
Long before the actual land invasion, Iraqi forces were taking a ferocious beating from the air.

By Bruce D. Callander
Modern airpower owes much to the elite USAF commandos who hang out with the ground forces.

Legacy of the Air Blockades
By John A. Tirpak
Northern Watch and Southern Watch over Iraq were defining events in the birth of a new expeditionary Air Force.

Black September 11
By Adam J. Hebert
After the attacks, USAF took a leading role in the terror war and changed the way it operates.

The Highs and Lows of Northern Watch
By James Kitfield
Everyone understands that one mishap could cause an international incident--even war.

The EAF in Peace and War
By John T. Correll
The concept works. It has also led to a new way of life for the Air Force.

Beddown in Bishkek
By John Hendren
American forces now are using a base that didn't exist in a country that, until recently, didn't exist.

From Khobar to Cole
By Richard J. Newman
Five years later, terrorists attack again in the Middle East. This time, though, the skipper didn't walk the plank.

The EAF Turns One
By John A. Tirpak
In its first year, the Expeditionary Aerospace Force began delivering on its main promise--predictability.

The Long Deployment
By James Kitfield
The Air Force arrived in Saudi Arabia in 1990. Who thought it would still be there 10 years later?

An Expeditionary Force
Photography by USAF combat camera photographers
They're saying that the force is going back to its roots as a deployable force to be reckoned with.

Northern Watch
By John T. Correll
A wing-sized task force flies out of Incirlik into the teeth of Iraqi SAMs and AAA.

Watch on the Desert
By William H. McMichael
Air Force U-2s, AWACS, and Rivet Joints have provided the eyes and ears of the no-fly zone operation.

Editorial: Lessons in Limited Force
By John T. Correll
Desert Fox was a tactical success, but the strategic value of it was dubious.

Desert Stronghold
By William H. McMichael
Prince Sultan AB features miles of fenced desert, scores of barriers, hundreds of security forces, special motion sensors, razor wire, bomb-sniffing dogs, and lots of clenched jaws.

The Long Reach of On-Call Airpower
By John A. Tirpak
Air Expeditionary Forces are extending the concept of long range airpower.

The New Expeditionary Force
By Bruce D. Callander
The "Expeditionary Aerospace Force" will comprise 10 standing groups to deploy on operations short of theater war.

Expeditionary Nerve Center
By Robert Wall
All that AEF commanders need is the right information, at the right time, to help attack the right targets, in the right way.

In the Sandbox
By Otto Kreisher
Desert deployments are a big reason why the Air Force is losing some of its best people.

Khobar Towers
By Rebecca Grant
Nineteen airmen died in the blast—and the repercussions went on from there.

The Expeditionary Air Force Takes Shape
By John A. Tirpak
USAF is still refining the concept, but initial reports have been promising.

Miracle in the Desert
By Bill Gertz
In a matter of weeks, the Air Force established a more secure hub for Southern Watch operations and moved there without missing a beat.

Heroes at Mogadishu
By Frank Oliveri
The Air Force decorates three Special Ops troopers—including an AFA Outstanding Airman of the Year—for bravery under fire.

Desert Duty
By Stewart M. Powell
The troops endure sand and heat, listen to "Baghdad Betty" on the radio, and keep the airplanes flying.

This list of Air Force Magazine articles highlights events and people during USAF expeditionary operations.