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September 17, 2009—The Air Force is mulling whether to offer monetary and non-monetary inducements to airmen working in the nuclear career field, Lt. Gen. Frank Klotz, Air Force Global Strike Command boss, said Wednesday at AFA’s Air & Space Conference.

“I know there are efforts underway within the missile community at this time to take a look at that,” he said in response to an audience question after his address.

As Global Strike Command assumes responsibility in coming months for the nation’s ICBMs and nuclear-capable bomber forces, Klotz said one of the command’s “top priorities” will be “to ensure either through monetary or non-monetary incentives that those people who serve in the nuclear and global strike missions understand the importance of their contributions.”

But even more critical, he said, is for senior military and government leadership “to constantly and repeatedly remind” these airmen of the value of their work, as they “make an enormously important contribution to our national security.”

At full strength in October 2010, AFGSC will have about 900 headquarters personnel and 23,000 personnel overall, said Klotz.

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