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Feb. 6, 2012—Secretary Michael Donley and Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz provided additional details of the Air Force's proposed force-structure changes between Fiscal 2013 and Fiscal 2017. A new white paper issued on Feb. 3 captures these plans.

Here is the year-by-year breakdown of aircraft reductions and the affected bases:

Fiscal 2013 Actions:

  • Eliminate all C-27J aircraft based at or planned for Warfield AGS, Md.; Kellogg AGS, Mich.; Fargo AGS, N.D.; Mansfield-Lahm AGS, Ohio; Great Falls, Mont.; Bradley, Conn.; and Key Field AGS, Miss.
  • Remove 21 A-10s from Selfridge ANGB, Mich.; 20 from Ft. Smith, Ark.; and 20 from Ft. Wayne, Ind. Retire 21 A-10s and transfer three from Barksdale AFB, La.
  • Remove 21 F-16s from Des Moines, Iowa, and transfer an active duty F-16 aggressor squadron from Eielson AFB, Alaska, to JB Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska.
  • Eliminate 19 C-130H2s from JB Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska, along with an active association there; remove three -H2s from Niagara, N.Y., and end a Reserve association there; remove 10 -H2.5s from Rosecrans AGS, Mo., six -H2s from Youngstown-Warren, Ohio, one -H2.5 from Louisville, Ky., one -H3 from Charleston, W.V., one -H2.5 from Cheyenne, Wyo., four -H2s from Stratton AGS, N.Y., seven -H2s from Dobbins ARB, Ga., and seven -H2s from Pittsburgh, Pa., resulting in the closure of the associated Air Reserve Station there.
  • Retire six KC-135s from Rickenbacker, Ohio; four from Pittsburgh ANGB, Pa., four from Tinker AFB, Okla., three from the active component at Altus AFB, Okla. and one each from the backup aircraft inventory at Sky Harbor in Phoenix, at Sioux City AGS, Iowa; and at March ARB, Calif. Reduce two KC-135s from McGhee-Tyson, Tenn., and two from Gen. Mitchell, Wis.
  • Begin the retirement of five C-5A from JB San Antonio, Tex., and eliminate an E-8C that is "damaged beyond economical repair" at Robins AFB, Ga.
  • Retire 18 RQ-4 Global Hawk Block 30 aircraft from Beale AFB, Calif.

Fiscal 2014 Actions:

  • Remove seven C-130Hs from Maxwell AFB, Ala.; eight -H2s from NAS JRB Ft. Worth, Tex.; and eight -H3s from Minneapolis-St. Paul. Also remove 10 C-130Js from Keesler AFB, Miss.
  • Retire three more C-5As from JB San Antonio and five from Shepherd Field AGS, W.V.
  • Convert five active duty F-15Cs at Nellis AFB, Nev., from the primary aircraft inventory to backup aircraft inventory status.
  • Transfer 42 MC-12s from the active component to the Air National Guard at Beale.

Fiscal 2015 Actions:

  • Retire the remaining six C-5As at Shepherd Field and two more from JB San Antonio.
  • Eliminate funding for all 11 RC-26 aircraft, retiring one from Ellington Field,  Tex.; one from Kirtland AFB, N.M.; one from Tuscon, Ariz., one from Fresno, Calif., one from Fairchild AFB, Wash., one from Key Field, Miss., one from Dannelly Field, Ala., one from Truax AGS, Wis., one from Hancock Field AGS, N.Y., one from Charleston, W.V., and one from Jacksonville, Fla.

Fiscal 2016 Actions:

  • Complete the retirement of the Air Force Reserve's C-5A fleet by divesting the remaining six aircraft at San Antonio.
  • Remove eight C-130H2s from Savannah, Ga., and eight -H3s from the active component at Little Rock, Ark.
  • Remove eight C-5Ms from Westover, Mass.

Fiscal 2017 Actions:

  • Remove eight C-130H2s from Niagara, N.Y., three -H2s from the Reserve component and six H3s from the active component at Little Rock and two -H3s from Charlotte, N.C.