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September 14, 2009—A combined crew of active duty and Air Force Reserve Command airmen likely set 41 world records in a C-5M Super Galaxy Sept. 13, reports the 512th Airlift Wing at Dover AFB, Del.

The crew, comprising eight Reservists of the 512th AW and four active duty airmen of the 436th AW, also at Dover, climbed to 12,000 meters in less than 28 minutes with a payload of about 178,000 pounds, setting altitude, payload, and time-to-climb records.

The National Aeronautic Association documented the attempt and should publish results in a month, according to NAA observer Kristan Maynard, who said that setting 41 records "doesn't happen very often, … not in one flight."

Maynard noted that one of the records—altitude attained in horizontal flight—was set by a Russian Tu-160 bomber in 1989. Some of the other records had been set by USAF's newest strategic airlifter, the C-17, in 1993.

The C-5M Super Galaxy aircraft have undergone the Reliability Enhancement and Re-engining and Avionics Modernization Program upgrades, making it possible "to take more cargo farther distances with greater reliability," said Lt. Col. Mike Semo, C-5M Program Office chief and a 512 AW pilot.

Dover currently has three C-5Ms, and Lockheed Martin is slated to deliver to USAF a total of 52 by 2016.

(512th AW report by Capt. Marnee Losurdo)