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Orlando, February 19, 2010—There is “nothing wrong” with the current construct under which it takes Air National Guard units 72 hours' notice to mobilize in time of need, Lt. Gen. Bud Wyatt, ANG director, said at AFA’s Air Warfare Symposium.

In fact, it’s part of “well-reasoned logic,” he said.

“It was never the intent of our founding fathers, nor is it the intent of the existing laws to make it as easy to reach out and touch that traditional Guardsman ... as it should be to reach out and tap our active component,” Wyatt explained.

But this construct shouldn’t mean that the Air Guard is on the outside looking in when it comes to the Air Force fielding new high-end weapon systems and gear, he said.

Indeed, as the active component and reserve component mull additional integration, the partnerships can accommodate this dynamic.

If there is a mission that requires availability faster than 72 hours, “maybe that needs to be a more heavily concentrated active component force mix,” he said.

Otherwise, given the nation’s ability to sense a coming major attack by a sophisticated foe, there would be “ample notice” for the Air Guard to be brought up, he said.