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February 18, 2010—The Pentagon’s recently completed comprehensive mobility study finds that there is no need for additional strategic airlift, Air Force Secretary Michael Donley told an audience Thursday at AFA’s Air Warfare Symposium in Orlando.

In fact, said Donley, the Mobility Capabilities and Requirements Study (MCRS) “reconfirms that we have more strategic airlift tails than we need.”

As a result, the Air Force would like to retire “some of the oldest and least capable C-5As,” the massive Lockheed Martin-built airlifters, he said. And—Congress take note—he declared that the Air Force really doesn’t want anymore C-17s. (Congress has thus far provided funds for 223, but the Air Force wanted to stop building them sooner.)

“Every dollar that Congress adds to C-17 procurement is in excess to our strategic airlift requirements is a dollar taken from weapons systems sustainment or another part of our Air Force budget,” said Donley.

MCRS also looked on the tactical side. In that regard, Donley said the Air Force also plans to retire some of its oldest C-130H transports based on the study’s findings.