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USAF special tactics operators and logistics readiness airmen fuel an F-35A at a forward-arming and -refueling point mission with US Air Forces in Europe aircraft during Operation Rapid Forge at Amari AB, Estonia, on July 25, 2019. Air Force photo by SSgt. Rose Gudex.

​Several USAF units on July 25 wrapped up Operation Rapid Forge, a large-scale exercise across Eastern Europe that included several firsts for the F-35.

The US and NATO exercise included F-35As deployed from Hill AFB, Utah, along with F-15Es from Seymour Johnson AFB, N.C., an MC-130J from RAF Mildenhall, England; C-130Js from Ramstein AB, Germany, and Dyess AFB, Texas; and KC-135s from Mildenhall, according to a US Air Forces in Europe release.

Throughout the exercise, aircraft practiced missions such as refueling fighters from the MC-130J, rapid refueling and rearming, and tasks outside of airmens’ regular jobs—security forces helping with refueling, weapons loaders driving trucks, maintainers providing security, and more.

Rapid Forge marked the first time F-35s landed in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, according to USAFE.