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The B-29 Superfortress, known as Doc, sits on a flightline at dusk. Photo courtesy of Steve Jantz Photography.

​The Pentagon recently approved the ground testing and eventual first flight for a restored World War II-era B-29 Superfortress, called “Doc,” from a non-joint-use runway at McConnell AFB, Kan. The B-29 received an airworthiness certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration earlier in June, meaning “first flight for Doc is imminent,” said Jim Murphy, the restoration project manager for Doc’s Friends, in a news release. The approval now lets the flight crew schedule high-speed taxi testing and eventually takeoffs and landings, according to the release. Volunteers have been working on restoring the B-29 for 16 years are now a “few final steps away” from flight, Murphy said. (Read more about Doc’s restoration in Wingman Magazine.)