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​An airman from the 7th Special Operations Squadron at RAF Mildenhall, England, prepares a CV-22 Osprey for departure at Ramstein AB, Germany, June 6, 2016. The CV-22 crew were returning to Mildenhall from the D-Day remembrance airdrops in Normandy, France, and stopped by Ramstein to pick up their squadron members returning from a deployment. US Air Force Photo by A1C Joshua Magbanua​.

Farnborough, UK—Boeing officials said they are talking with European partners about a group-bought/group-shared fleet of V-22 tiltrotors. The idea would follow the lines of the C-17 Heavy Airlift Wing, based at Papa AB, Hungary, where 12 nations share three C-17 transports proportionately to their financial contribution to purchase and maintenance of the aircraft. Boeing officials said Germany might be the "anchor" purchaser, now looking at several heavy-lift helo options, including the CH-53K, but countries with less cash might throw in with Germany to have access to the aircraft.