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​US Defense Secretary Ash Carter pays respects as a military member places his wreath at the Place de La Republique in Paris, Jan. 20, 2016, in memory of the victims of the November attacks. DOD photo by Stephanie Dreyer.

​All 26 countries involved militarily in the anti-ISIS campaign, plus Iraq, will convene in Brussels next month to discuss the way forward in the fight, Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced on Wednesday. Carter is in Paris to meet with the defense ministers of Australia, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom—the seven nations most involved in the anti-ISIS coalition. In a joint statement released Wednesday, the military leaders acknowledged that ISIS is “on the back foot,” but vowed to “intensify and accelerate” the military campaign in Iraq and Syria because “there is more we need to do.” The leaders also agreed to regularly review the campaign plan, its progress, and implementation. “The military campaign is an essential part of our overall effort to defeat and destroy ISIL/DAESH, but it is not sufficient,” according to the statement. “We are committed to ensuring the coherence of our military actions with the comprehensive efforts to set the conditions for sustainable political stability in the region.”