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​A Japan Air Self-Defense Force maintainer, prepares for the arrival of the first Japanese F-35A Nov. 28 at Luke AFB, Ariz. Air Force photo by TSgt. Louis Vega Jr.

​The first Japanese F-35 arrived at Luke AFB, Ariz., Monday. The aircraft, which was rolled out at a Lockheed Martin ceremony in Forth Worth, Texas, in September, was also the first foreign military sales F-35 to arrive at Luke, according to a release. Japanese Air Self-Defense pilots will train there with the 944th Fighter Wing. Under the program, FMS pilots from Israel and South Korea will also learn fly F-35s alongside pilots from the United States as well as partner nations Australia, Italy, Norway, Turkey, Netherlands, Denmark, and Canada. Luke will ultimately house six fighter squadrons with a total of 144 F-35s.