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Evaluators from the 8th Fighter Wing’s inspector general’s office at Kunsan AB, South Korea, took a hard look at how airmen conduct operations while responding to unplanned threats, such as simulated unexploded ordnance, during Exercise Beverly Midnight 15-3. The “wing inspection team,” a new commander inspection program started about six months ago at Kunsan, is intended to improve the base’s combat mission readiness to better generate sorties and accept follow-on forces. Lt. Col. Christopher Heber, the 8th FW inspector general, said the new program empowers the wing commander to tailor the exercise to a specific mission. For example, the 8th Civil Engineer squadron’s fire department had to respond to a fire while being inspected by a WIT member. The scenarios have improved specific skills with 8th FW airmen, such as post attack reconnaissance sweeps, and chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear training, according to a May 3 release. The WIT program “gears airmen up for real world situations by learning and growing from their mistakes in a controlled environment,” said MSgt. Shawn Chenault, the 8th CES assistant fire chief and WIT member. “It’s okay to make mistakes ... we just have to learn from them and get better.” The six-day exercise kicked off on April 28.