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TSgt. James Register proposes to his girlfriend after landing at Whiteman AFB, Mo., on Oct. 26. His friends and family met him with signs that spelled out “Welcome Home Jimmy” for him, but then flipped to spell out “Welcome to the family” for her. Air Force photo by A1C Halley Burgess.

More than 300 Active Duty and Reserve airmen—“the final, largest wave of personnel”— returned to Whiteman AFB, Mo., after a seven-month deployment to Bagram, Afghanistan, this week, according to a release. The group accumulated over 9,600 flying hours during 2,500 missions, which “supported more than 400 requests for assistance from troops in combat, expending more than 50,000 rounds and 57,000 pounds of munitions spent,” states the Oct. 27 release. "They did a great job and they're the reason we flew successfully,” said Lt. Col. Bryan Stone, deployed commander of the 442nd Fighter Wing’s A-10 squadron. “It's been a long seven months. I'm proud to bring them home."