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Sweating in Style: The Air Force's new improved physical training uniform will go on sale starting in July at select military clothing sales store, officials in the Air Force Uniform Office at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, announced Wednesday. The IPTU consists of a running jacket, pants, trunks, and a T-shirt. It is an optional uniform and the initial supply is expected to be limited. The trunks and running suit will be available this month. The T-shirt release date is still to be determined. "Much time and effort from a lot of folks has gone into the research, development, and testing of the IPTU," said Capt. Nick Ferry, an IPTU program manager. Improvements include the elimination of the much-derided in-motion "swish" noise, better reflectivity, lighter weight, and state-of-the-art moisture wicking. "The end result is a greatly improved uniform," said Ferry. (Wright-Patterson report by Brad Jessmer)