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The Rest of the Independent QDR Panel: The Pentagon announced Friday the full membership of the independent Quadrennial Defense Review panel mandated by Congress. Defense Secretary Bob Gates has selected 12 members, while Congress appointed eight more. (The House Armed Services Committee announced its choices in December.)

Gates selected:
William J. Perry, co-chair
Stephen J. Hadley, co-chair
Richard L. Armitage
Jack Dyer Crouch II
Rudy F. deLeon
Joan A. Dempsey
Sherri W. Goodman
Retired Navy Adm. David E. Jeremiah
Retired Army Gen. George A. Joulwan
Alice C. Maroni
Retired Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Paul Van Riper
Retired Air Force Gen. Larry D. Welch

Congress selected:
Charles Curtis
Eric S. Edelman
Retired Army Gen. Jack Keane
Richard H. Kohn
John F. Lehman Jr.
Retired Army Lt. Col. John Nagl
Retired Army Maj. Gen. Robert H. Scales Jr.
James M. Talent

Congress wants the bipartisan panel to assess the QDR, its recommendations, stated and implied assumptions, and any vulnerabilities of the strategy and force structure underlying the report. Its report is due to Congress by July.