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Strike Aircraft Maintain Pressure on Enemy: Afghanistan continued to be the hot spot for airstrikes May 11 in US Central Command’s area of responsibility, according to Air Forces Central. On that day, F-15Es hit enemy combatants and their fighting positions with a 500-pound laser-guided bomb, 500-pound joint direct attack munitions, and 2,000-pound JDAMs in the vicinity of Asadabad, AFCENT said in a May 12 release. Further, A-10s fired cannon rounds and dropped general purpose 500-pound bombs on enemy combatants and enemy positions in Nangalam. And an A-10 took out enemy combatants in Bagram with 500-pound LGBs. Meanwhile, AFCENT detailed a sole strike May 11 in Iraq, with a Navy F/A-18C hitting an enemy position in Al Amarah with a 500-pound JDAM.